Maybe I'll Start a Blog


I started the day with yoga. I then did some squats and that turned into a Missy Elliot one woman dance party. I made oeufs en cocotte for breakfast. I can't eat so many things so I try hard to make my meals as special as they can be with my limited options. 

While the eggs cooked, I arranged some flowers I had dried. I took the flowers from a party without asking a month ago and they've been hanging in my kitchen since. 

Downstairs, the cafe is lively. I spent the last two hours deleting and sorting old photographs.

I have too much pride. I am also honest and humble about my failings. My temper is short, I like to stir the pot and I tend to keep to myself. 

I just snacked on some slingzega but there was a chewy bit I spat out. It's resting on my cellphone until I get up to put it in the garbage. 


Welcome to my blog! I'm Jennifer.