Coming out of Hibernation

It’s not that I haven’t been inspired. I just feel like I’ve hit a plateau. I’ve hibernated from art. I’m not sure why. I can partially blame the below freezing temperature of my studio. I had a boost of inspiration to clean. I put a space heater in there three months ago after watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. 

For three weeks, I would sporadically attempt to tidy and organize, but would always eventually become discouraged with the cold. Half the room is now clear, but the half with all my art and art supplies sits in disarray. I intend to finish, and I know once I make it more welcoming, a flow of creativity will pour out of me. I am honest with myself when I assume I won’t get around to it until May. I am ok with not painting until then. I am creative in other ways.

In the meantime, I have been writing. I interviewed a chef from Prince Edward county and the editorial will be published in the spring issue of Watershed. I am thrilled. It was certainly a new experience writing with restrictions on topics, word counts, theme and direction, but I will forget the tribulations once I see my name in print. I will probably keep the magazine issue for years and may not reread the article for another ten. So much happens that I forget, and so I try to hold on to material objects to jog my bad memory. 

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t often sit and think of my past. The man I am dating now will help me with that. His family reminisces every day. At dinner time, they don’t talk about news or current events but rather of family vacations and the fickle or funny nuances of relatives. It’s been a fun introduction to a new way of enjoying a family meal. We have been together on a vacation for 7 days now. We have three more to go. 

This trip has been exceptional. I’ve met a half dozen family members and friends. When you spend this much time together, your relationship is torpedoed forward. It’s been great. I’ll be riding this high for a while. It will be good to get home and back to my normal routine but it will be a good feeling to know I can always go over to their house for dinner if I crave a family meal different from my own. It is embarrassing to know there are so many things about this trip that I won’t remember. I’m thankful to have spent so much time with a family that remembers everything so well. Together, they will remember every moment. It is spring here in Whistler, and just like every year, the warmer weather signals change and growth. The heat here has been the spark that ignited my reflection today. 

When I return home on Saturday, I’m sure the weather will shock me, but I know Ontario’s spring is so close. Summer will creep up closely behind. Buds on trees will unfold overnight into leaves and my paint brush will touch the canvas again. Maybe art is my way of reminiscing. I remember smells and sounds and colours more often than I remember a story. Perhaps reflecting daily with my boyfriend’s family will affect how I draw. Who knows. I am eager to see how my art has changed after I left let it hibernate over the winter.